3rd Nine Weeks Perfect Attendance List

Sudduth PTA recognizes and says THANK YOU to the following licensed staff for perfect attendance during 3rd Nine Weeks (1/3/11 – 3/11/11). The PTA will post a perfect attendance sign by the teacher’s door.

Anderson, Hope, 1st Grade Teacher
Cane, Nena, SPED Teacher
Clark, Kimberly, 1st Grade Teacher
Davis-Woods, Sophelia, 1st Grade Teacher
Ellis, Amy, 1st Grade Teacher
Fulford, Polly, Speech Teacher
Gartman, Kellie, 2nd Grade Teacher
Griffin, Susan, Speech Teacher
Jenkins, Annice, 2nd Grade Teacher
Lipsey, Cheryl, Kindergarten Teacher
Miller, Patricia, Kindergarten Teacher
Powell, Carrie, 1st Grade Teacher
Prentice, Alaina, 1st Grade Teacher
Prewitt, Cindy, 1st Grade Teacher
Rosamond, David, SPED Teacher
Smith, Kathy, 1st Grade Teacher
Stewart, Ruth, Kindergarten Teacher
Taylor, Amy, 1st Grade Teacher
Wilbourn, Amy, Kindergarten Teacher
Wilder, Margaret, Art Teacher

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